U.R.A. Blessing Tip

Project Name: U.R.A. Blessing Tip
Host Church: White Oak Worship Center
Date: Thursday, June 8th – Sunday, June 11th
START Time: Any Time
Location: Any restaurant or salon in Danville
Project Summary:
This is an opportunity to bless those who serve us. Everyone can participate in this. Target dates are June 8-11. When you leave a tip for meals, hair stylist, etc. during these dates, bless them by leaving a 20% tip, plus an additional $1 or more, whatever God lays on your heart to bless them with. Leave a note with the tip thanking them for serving you and tell them in the note, “Jesus loves you!”. You can also leave an Engage Danville advertisement card.

Resources Needed:
Christian’s with willing hearts to bless servers, stylists, pedicurists, manicurists, etc. showing God’s love. Also paper or card to write a note of appreciation including a message sharing God’s love.



Project Volunteers