Sermon audio from Dan River Church


Overflow Week 3 - "Making Room for Generosity"

Robert Morris has said, “God does not bless giving; rather, He blesses giving out of a right heart attitude.” Listen in as Pastor Scott looks at 4 keys to having a generous heart.

Overflow Week 2 - "Making Room for Happiness"

This week we continue our series "Overflow: Making Room for Life". Listen as Pastor Scott Randlett shares four key areas in our life that can dramatically impact our happiness.

Overflow Week 1 - "Financial Peace"

This week we kick off our new series Overflow - Making Room For Life. We launch into this series with a special guest speaker, Dave Ramsey, who was simulcast live across all our campuses. Listen as he helps us understand proven Biblical money…

Happy 2017 - How to Start Your Year Right

Happy New Year! Do you want to have an amazing 2017? Listen in as Pastor Scott is joined by four special guests; Todd Hartley, Joey Harris, and Jay Wentz, from the staff of Dan River Church as well as a current Liberty University student and…

God Came Near - Christmas 2016

Christmas is a magical and special time of year, not because of the sights, smells, and sounds, but because it is on this day that we recognize and celebrate the day that God came near. Listen as Pastor Scott shares some of the reasons why and…

Self on the Shelf - Week 1

Week 1 of our Christmas series Self On The Shelf. How do we make Christmas NOT about me this year?