Dan River Church is trying something different this Christmas. We are going to bless SIXTY families with a Christmas Box full of items for a family night celebration. We believe in the family, and 2020 has been hard on everyone, so this year we want to help families enjoy some relief and simply have fun together. Each box will contain $200.00 worth games, snacks, fruit, movies and gift cards. Please consider making a financial gift towards this project. Our team will do all the shopping. You can give online (be sure to chose “Generosity Experiment” in the giving type), at the DRC MainStreet giving kiosk, or by designating your gift in the offering. “Small things done with great love can change the world.” Please help us make a difference to “change our world” starting right here in our community.

Consider the following:

  • Buy a box for a family – $200.00
  • Make a financial gift of any amount towards a family gift box.
  • As a family or individual consider how you can save in order to give.
  • All financial gifts will be received from November 1st – December 6th