Flannelgraph Faith Week 5 - "REVOLUTIONARY FAITH: Daniel”

This week we wrap up our series, Flannelgraph Faith: reframing the familiar. Today, Pastor Scott takes a look at the story of Daniel and how his faith brought about amazing change and four of the key elements of Daniel's revolutionary faith…

Flannelgraph Faith Week 4 - "We Will Not Bow: The Fiery Furnace"

As we continue our series, Flannelgraph Faith, this week we take a look at the story of three guys who stood up and set an example for how every Christian should worship. Listen in as Pastor Todd Hartley reframes this familiar story from Daniel…

Flannelgraph Faith Week 3 - "Giant Killers: David"

This week we look at one of the most familiar stories in the Bible, David and Goliath. Listen in as we look at how we might slay the giants in our own lives as we continue our series, Flannelgraph Faith - reframing the familiar. Watch The…

Flannelgraph Faith Week 2 - "Lost Potential: Samson"

This week we continue our new series called Flannelgraph Faith, where we reframe the familiar stories of the Old Testament we’ve heard since childhood. Today we look at Samson, one of the most well-known characters in the old testament, yet…

Flannelgraph Faith Week 1 - "Running Scared": Gideon

Why are some stories worth hearing more than once? Sometimes the more you hear something the easier it is to take it for granted. Sometimes you need to hear it over and over to catch all the parts you missed the first time. This week we start…

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